Research & Preservation

Neighborhoods and communities can continue to grow and prosper without losing sight of their past. Consideration of historic fabric is not only required in certain places it is also one of the greenest approaches to design. With our thorough research services and extensive knowledge of historic buildings and architectural styles as well as approaches to restoration, historic structures can be celebrated, offered depth of meaning context and better understood.

Preservation Services:

  • Assessment and documentation of configuration and condition of historic buildings and sites, including building plans, sections, elevations, photography and existing conditions.
  • Research history of a property, perform historic structure assessments of past, present and future issues impacting preservation and design.
  • Documentation, assessment and coordination of the preservation arts and conservation (woodworking, decorative painting, ornamental metals, stained glass, etc.)
  • Architectural services including: design, site assessment, maintenance recommendations, zoning and code compliance.
  • Recommendations for preservation treatment and conservation including coordination of services of specialty consultants and conservators.
  • Contextual design of building renovation, expansion and additions for smaller projects, or as consultant on larger scale projects.
  • Consultation and representation of projects to preservation, planning, and landmark review boards.

Recent Client:
Heritage Conservancy Org